The worlds number 1 HD bike camera and light combinations. Capture high quality footage from the front and from behind.

It all started one afternoon in the Perth hills when product founder Kingsley Fiegert was enjoying a late afternoon ride. Without warning and from behind Kingsley was hit with an object fired from a slingshot out of a passing car. A few choice words may have left Kingsley’s mouth at the time, but the incident definitely didn’t. He thought about it for the next week, and after a long conversation with his son Josh, a rear-facing bike camera was an obvious solution. But with the limited amount of space available under a rider’s seat, a Camera/Light solution was the early and the best idea. Kingsley started work, and with friend Andrew Hagen, the development started on what was to become the Fly6. From a crowd-funded start-up to an Australian Stock Exchange listed entity, Cycliq now sells its products all around the world.

Our mission is to raise awareness for road safety. We want to make road users aware they’re being recorded in the hope that everybody provides each other additional space and respect while sharing the road. Consequently, this makes road cycling safer and more enjoyable for everyone