About one ride after the bicycle was invented, people realised they needed to figure out how to keep them clean. And about one wet ride after the chain-based drivetrain was invented, people wanted to stop the thing from squeaking. Finish Line have perfected both of these, with the most comprehensive range of lubes and cleaning products on the market.

Finish Line is now recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bicycle lubricants and related maintenance products. Finish Line™ manufactures a wide variety of products for the care and maintenance of bicycles. The company enjoys a leading market position in over 50 countries. Its products are produced in 15 languages. Finish Line products are used by many of the worlds leading mountain bike and WorldTour teams. Finish Line™ continues to invest heavily in R&D initiatives directed towards its core bicycle business. Finish Line™ believes that the quest to optimize the mechanical functioning and drivetrain efficiency of a bicycle is multi-dimensional, requiring a commitment to research and development, a feedback loop that includes both professional and recreational riders, and a keen sensitivity to health, safety, and environmental concerns.