Hand Built Wheels

Why hand built wheels?

There’s something magical about a good set of wheels. In an era of ever-increasing automation, something built by hand, by someone you’ve spoken to, is even more appealing.

Wheels need to be round and straight, both of which are relatively simple to achieve. What isn’t so simple, and in fact often entirely ignored, is that ALL of the spokes need to be evenly and correctly tensioned.

We can tailor a set of hand built wheels in accordance with your riding style, your budget, and for any type of bicycle.

  • Hubs & Rims

    Hope, DT Swiss, Halo & Shimano Hubs, and DT Swiss & Halo Rims are the most common choices. We're happy to build any rim/hub combo.

  • Spokes

    We select DT Swiss Competition double butted spokes for most applications. Other spokes are available on request.

  • Nipples

    We only use DT Swiss brass nipples. These are less likely to corrode than aluminium nipples.

Recent Builds